Ultimate Studio Sessions

The Ultimate Studio Sessions collaborates with emerging Songwriters, Artists & Producers to produce fresh new music.

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For over a decade Cre8ing Vision has educated, inspired and connected people to opportunities in the music industry. Our commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable space for people from diverse backgrounds positively influences the future of the creative industries for the better.

Founders, Nicola Charles, Andrea Euell, and Kwame Kwaten combined their wealth of expertise to establish Cre8ing Vision, an organisation designed to help take creative aspirations to the next level.

The Ultimate Studio Sessions is designed to support a diverse range of Songwriters, Artists & Producers. Emerging talent will work together in a studio to produce fresh new music that will be released, marketed, filmed and promoted with the help and guidance from those actively working in the business. The programme will offer a collaborative approach for all involved including decision making and creative input.

This is a pioneering new concept for the UK and we are excited to build something unique that will grow into a hugely beneficial experience for the next generation of trailblazers. All those participating will become fully equipped, have tangible knowledge and a new set of music business skills.  The connections that they will establish will serve as pillars supporting their journey into the music industry for years to come.