Ultimate Aspirational &
Pathway Programme

Opportunities and insights into the Music & Sport industries

The programme is geared to give students the opportunities and insights into the Music & Sport industries by providing valuable knowledge, first hand experiences and explore its many career pathways.

The sessions give insight and inspiration to young adults who see a career path in music and or sport – where the classroom meets the boardroom.

Led by influencers from these dynamic industries, the programme aims to engage and inspire each student by providing them with access, education and first hand experiences

Cre8ing Vision is helping the next generation to approach their future studies and career goals by understanding their career pathways and the options available with confidence, self esteem and the right attitude in which it takes to succeed.


A programme of this kind will help educate youngsters by giving them insiders knowledge, it will empower them to succeed.

Ben Thatcher - Football Agent (retired pro player)

The pathway programme is a great way to gain insight into the business side of the sports industry such as branding, management and publicity.

Pippa Hancok - Sports Publicists

A great opportunity for young people to receive career advice, this is an investment into their future.

James Morrison - WBA FC & Scotland

A first of its kind, a programme led by infleuncers that engages and teaches young people about the sports industry and its many career pathways. Valuable to any young person seeking a real insight into sport.

Jason Euell, Ex - Pro Footballer / Coach CAFC

I think this programme is outstanding, it was clear thought provoking challenging educational but it was fun, i hope a lot more academies see the benefits of having a programme like this in their schools and academies.

Michael Johnson - former Birmingham City & Jamaican International
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