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Events like the ultimate seminar are really important because music can often feel like this is a place that is difficult to get into, so things like this opening up access, making it really accessible showing people what its all about and letting them know that there could be a place for them in the industry. I recommend The Ultimate Seminar to anyone who's got curiosity about what goes on in the industry.

Joe Kentish - President Warner Records UK

The Ultimate Seminar has become a major honeypot for so much fresh new talent, both as artists and future executives in the years that it has been running. It is a totally unique environment in which aspiring characters can learn so much, hear so much advice and really begin to shape their view on pushing the industry forward.

TED COCKLE - President Hipgnosis Songs Fund

I think that I could recommend this (Ultimate Seminar) on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d probably go for 1.2 million. That’s really how much you have to pay for the amount of expertise you’re getting for free

Mistajam - DJ & Radio Presenter Capital Radio

its sick…At events like this you get the hidden gems that you might not get elsewhere….. its straight from the Ceo’s the artists the radio presenters …The Ultimate Seminar-for anyone thats coming up its VERY good..these are the the events that will get you ahead

Stormzy - Artist (Mercury, BRIT, BET, MOBO Award Winner)

By far the best seminar, credible speakers invaluable advice and hugely inspiring for all those wanting a career within the Music industry.

Darcus Beese OBE - EVP of Warner Music UK (WMUK) & President of Darco Recordings

I am a graduate of The Ultimate Seminar - I urge you to attend and get yourself the education that you need to succeed in this music industry

Jamie Binns - Music Manager/ Publisher (Taio Cruz, Paloma Faith)

Well done to Kwame, Nicki and Andrea for setting up The Ultimate Seminar. The knowledge experience, expertise and advice from the panel is invaluable to anyone looking to get ahead in the music industry!

Jonny Quinn - Snow Patrol

I have experienced first hand the impact The Ultimate Seminar has had on equipping aspiring artists and developing young talent.

Bernard P Achampong - BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra

I learnt a lot as a panellist [...], I can’t see how you wouldn’t learn tons if you came here as an attendee

Ed Howard - Co President Atlantic Records

the benefit of coming to the ultimate seminar is definitely the insight, understanding that there’s people in the position you wanna to be in that still experience the thing you experience now and still have the same rights, worries, grievances, apprehensions

Che Lingo - Artist

the benefit of coming to the ultimate seminar is networking, I’ve seen so many people I haven’t seen for a while and it’s just learning

Dan Caplan - Artist / Songwriter

the benefit of coming to the Ultimate Seminar is hearing other people’s experiences, hearing how they got into the game and also the network aspect as well

Dan Owusu - Co President Dream Life Records/ Sony Music UK

the benefit of coming to the ultimate seminar is get to see people in the industry that are doing good things, first hand you can actually ask questions. And metting like-minded people

Future Cuts - Producer Duo

the benefit of coming to the ultimate seminar is that (people) they get to hear from people who are in the industry [...] right now [...] and that’s the most important people you can hear from in term of information and wisdom to be able to age your own thinking and putting your half into the music business

Glyn Aikens - Co President of RCA

Ultimate Seminar - a place where you can lean how to get your breaks

Jamie Scott - Songwriter

Ultimate Seminar - is very precious knowledge that you don’t get to learn in school. I think is very rich knowledge to learn the behind-the-scene of how it works and human side instead of the technical side

Banx & Ranx -Production Duo

the benefit of coming to the ultimate seminar is knowledge, network, fact that you wouldn’t know if hadn’t come to The Ultimate Seminar

169 - Producer & Artist

The Ultimate Seminar is the safe place to where you can share that knowledge. Its so important and I would recommend the to everybody, The Ultimate Seminar is trailblazing

Parris OH - Artist Partnership Tik Tok

I think its really important for ALL of us in the industry to play a part in educating the next generation….I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come down to The Ultimate Seminar

Nicola Spokes - Managing Director Island Records

I wish the ultimate seminar had been around when I was looking to get into the industry…its just brilliant its so well set out so well organised loads of great speakers…..the ultimate seminar is THE FUTURE

Liz Goodwin - General Manager Atlantic Records

I think it has been a great experience. We were able to understand one another’s backgrounds and strengths and work on developing a series of sessions to build upon the meetings and to work towards something both tangible and practical which forms a basis for future applications, roles and approaches to campaigns.

Anthony Lee

Maegan is amazing, I feel very lucky to have her as my mentor. She has been sharing so much valuable expert knowledge with me and giving such great advice and feedback that I feel has honestly changed the game for me in terms of songwriting and improved my skills dramatically. On top of that she inspires me.

Becky Smith

The Ultimate Seminar is super important and is great for people from different areas of the music business to talk about their life experiences their knowledge their expertise and hopefully that can elevate a new generation

David Dollimore - Former President RCA

Anything that will help engage and encourage a whole new breed of forward thinkers to our business can only be a positive. The experience I had of the Ultimate Seminar was fantastic.

Collin Barlow - Former President RCA Records

The Ultimate Seminar is the most important event for anyone trying to enter the music industry right now. The access and advice shared at the event from key players in this industry is priceless.

Ebony Rhiney-James - Head of Sony Digital

Sat in a room with peers, heroes and future leaders & innovators of our industry was not only an honour but also an education. Bringing us together and giving the future an honest insight into what this business is and can be is vital and I take my hat off to Ultimate Seminar for making it happen.

Creative Director @ Spilt MIlk

The Ultimate Seminar is super important, every since i've been in the music industry and prior to being in the industry i have known about the ultimate seminar and been to the seminar and every single year it continue to serve so many young people - its a really important event.

Jackie Eyewee - Marketing Director - Def Jam 0207

The Ultimate Seminar is a place to learn, education is really important on all levels.

Mark Mitchell - Co-President @ Parlophone Records

The Ultimate Seminar is super important , if you're an artist trying to get into the industry you have to be here. You have to hear what people have to say and the organisers are so dope for putting this on.

Ms Banks

I was so inspired to attend this back in the day and I still feel inspired coming back here now. The ultimate seminar is necessary

Benjamin Scarr - Co Music Manager (Dave)

There’s loads of benefits of coming to the ultimate seminar I have looked at the panels and there’s and amazing line up and for you to be able to ask questions directly and get into the nuance of things is super helpful. All information is on the internet but to have it here distilled down is super helpful.

Stacey Tang - Co-Presidents of RCA UK

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