The Ultimate Music Circle

Designed to help break down barriers and open doors for mentoring and employment.

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The Ultimate Music Circle was created after a noticeable lack of mentoring programmes available to people wanting to get into the Music Business, especially the Black Music Business .  We have designed a programme that will help break down barriers and open doors for employment by creating a circle of trusted influencers who are passionate about giving back.

The Ultimate Music Circle will consist of music industry experts who will mentor an individual selected via our vast network of people of all ages.  The mentee could be a young person or a more experienced person, who for example has worked in marketing but is hoping to make the leap into A&R or for some reason somehow not managed to get to the next stage of their career.  The mentoring can take place in various formats, face to face, over the phone, zoom etc, twice a month for one hour at a time.

Alongside the mentoring, Cre8ing Vision has also be able to contact key organisations and ask that they offer work placements and additional support to allow the young and and the more experienced to gain access and insights into the day to day running’s of the music industry.

The Ultimate Music Circle was created as a brand new initiative that will help people fulfil their own ambitions with the help of those already paving the way.

If you are interested in talking to us more about The Ultimate Circle and becoming a mentor please contact us by Clicking Here.

Maegan is amazing, I feel very lucky to have her as my mentor. She has been sharing so much valuable expert knowledge with me and giving such great advice and feedback that I feel has honestly changed the game for me in terms of songwriting and improved my skills dramatically. On top of that she inspires me.

Becky Smith

I really enjoyed connecting with my mentor and the first zoom meetings I learned a lot of things I didn't really know about A&R and the technicalities of it for example contracts and deals. It was also really great to meet face to face and also my mentor has also been a great supporting attending my event and helping me book artists.

Mugibur Rahman

(My Mentor)invited me into 3 internal meetings and let me sit as a fly on the wall. And he introduced me to the teams. Also, got an insight into US working culture which is very important as that is home to a lot of music business and potential location for me to work in.

Neyet Mehari

(My Mentor) helped me with my approach when applying for jobs, understanding career paths and potential roles that match my skills, employability helping with cv and cover letters.


We have created a great bond and even during the process, Chrystal was able to align what she was doing with my Artist and I and so was a huge support in being able to explore different strategies and connect me with industry professionals I otherwise would not have been able to connect with.

Jemel McKenzie

I have had writing sessions, planning sessions that have helped me progress further. This has been amazing experience & so glad that I applied and got the mentor that I wanted!


I think it has been a great experience. We were able to understand one another’s backgrounds and strengths and work on developing a series of sessions to build upon the meetings and to work towards something both tangible and practical which forms a basis for future applications, roles and approaches to campaigns.

Anthony Lee