Music Management


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Name: Chan Gibbons


Job: Music Manager

Chan Gibbons is a Music Manager for female music producer ‘Ceebeaats’ and has been developing her for eight years behind the scenes and two years as a professional music manager. Within the first year, Ceebeaats signed an international publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music. 

Chan specialises in leasing with national and International A&Rs for major and Indie Publishing/ Record labels, setting up sessions, branding, and negotiating contract deals, to name a few, and uses that experience to enable and achieve the best outcome for her producer.

By focusing on Ceebeaats, Chan has been able to put the BA Hons Music Performance and Production earned at the University of East London, followed by a Chartered MA degree in Music Management and Artist Development, a CMI professional qualification earned at the University of West London, to good use. Over the years, Chans strengths in this field have garnered some recognition through her producers achievements such as Digga D ‘Woi’, Ceebeaats Splice Sonder Kit, BBC/Netflix’s ‘Champion’, and more

Name: Jacqueline Pelham-Leigh (JPL)


Job: Senior Membership & Development Lead @ PRS

With over 25 years of experience, Jacqueline Pelham-Leigh (JPL) has left her mark in the music industry. Starting as a recording artist, she has seamlessly transitioned into production, songwriting, business and artist management. 

Working with stars like Alexandra Burke, JoJo, Conor Maynard, Robin Hannibal and Harmony Samuels to liaising with CEOs, publishing and record labels. JPL’s hard work ethos, extensive network and prior experience as an artist have all contributed to her inimitable success. Throughout her career, JPL has opened doors for creators from underrepresented backgrounds, focusing on empowerment, ownership and longevity. She is currently the Senior Membership & Development Lead at PRS developing opportunities across new territories and consultant at Phrased Differently publishing. Additionally, JPL continues to prioritise the development of emerging minority talent with a nurturing hand.

Name: Keith Jopling


Job: Music & Media Strategy Professional

Keith Jopling is a professional with 25+ years experience in executive roles and as a business educator and consultant. Keith is consulting director for MIDiA Research, the leading music & media consultancy. His clients include major streaming platforms, music labels, start-ups and investors.

He has worked as a music strategist for Sony Music, Head of strategy at Spotify and held previous roles at EMI and the BPI. He was Research Director at global trade body IFPI between 2000-2006.

As an educator, he has lectured in music business, strategy and innovation at Henley Business School, NYU, BIMM, ACM, Belmont, Syracuse, Westminster and the University of Krems, Austria.

In 2021 he started the highly original and renowned music podcast The Art of Longevity, featured under Spotify’s “must listen” music podcasts. The podcast sits on his own music curation site The Song Sommelier, which attracts a global community of over 10,000 avid music fans and afficionados.