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A&R: the finder and developer of talent from early stages through to career breakthrough and back again.


 Mentor Bio and Registration
Name: David O’Sullivan


Job: A&R Manager @ NQ

David began his career with NQ in 2021, eager to participate and undertake any task which was available from making cups of tea to assisting the team in daily tasks. Dave then progressed onto a more professional role with P110 as a Junior A&R and shortly was promoted to Head of A&R and General Manager after the success of the channel in early 2022. Dave then moved over to the NQ Label full time as part of the A&R team. Within the short time frame of moving over to NQ and signing artists of the likes of Jordan McCann and Kenzo, Dave was promoted to a more senior role as Head A&R Manager for NQ overseeing various successful campaigns and continues to bring new talent, oversee label strategy and is currently working on the Mist Campaign.

Name: Niyah Smith


Job: A&R/Artist Manager

Niyah Smith is an A&R Manager at independent record label GRADUATION records. Having worked with Artists like Saint Levant, Victony, IQ, B young, Shae Universe, H33RA & Stepz. 

Niyah is also the day-to-day manager for Platinum selling MOBO award winning superstar Stefflon Don.