This Magical Meeting would have never happened without The Ultimate Seminar - We will be forever thankful for you helping us all to progress and make our own way to success in this complex but thrilling industry!


 Florence COHEN aka “AwayWithTheBeat” is a French Talent Manager based in the city where music never sleeps: London.

Born with a pair of headphones on her head, for as long as she can remember, Florence has always been “AwayWithTheBeat”. From the hours she spent hypnotised in front of the TV watching MJ’s Thriller video as a toddler to her high school years spent hiding earphones up her sleeve listening to Mariah ad-libs instead of the teacher, Florence always knew music was her first love, her last, her everything!

Forever passionate about Soul&RnB music, business driven and hardworking, she has been managing an over-the-moon talented UK singer-songwriter called Anisa for 5 years. Florence oversees all aspects of Anisa’s career: building a team (lawyer, publisher, PR…), booking all her showcases, live performances, tours, press, interviews, radio&TV shows, working closely with all the influent A&R’s in the game, managing social media accounts, setting up studio & writing sessions etc…Her devotion to Anisa’s career knows no limits!

When Florence first heard Anisa’s voice 5 years ago, she instantly fell in love with her breath-taking soulful vocals and the emotion and magic behind her writing and lyrics . “I fell in love with this rough diamond in a hearbeat”.

a diamond that she has been developing day by day behind the scenes, until the day Anisa stepped out into the eye of both the public and the industry and accomplished some of their well deserved goals: from signing a publishing deal, to being chosen to perform at Maidavale studios for BBC Radio, to landing coveted UK tours with huge established artists such as Brandy, NeYo. James Arthur and Ashanti. Florence not only manages day to day aspects of her artists career but she is also solely responsible for long term strategies in furthering Anisa’s career: managing relationships with labels, organising music releases on digital platforms, building a fanbase, increasing popularity in terms of views, likes and stream etc…

She claims that apart from being completely in love with Music – the only thing it takes to be a good manager is to make sure you’re managing your FAVORITE ARTIST IN THE WORLD!


Why the “Ultimate Seminar” and the “Cre8ing Vision” Team in our hearts FOREVER…


My 1st “Ultimate Seminar” was in November 2014 – that’s when I heard Hiten Bharadia (Publisher – Phrased Differently) sharing his experience in the Music Industry with the lovely Ultimate Seminar crowd. I instantly fell for Hiten’s beautiful soul, his humility and was impressed by his incredible knowledge/experience in the music industry! I immediately thought to myself “I need to meet this guy and play him some of Anisa’s songs, I know we’ll end up working together!”. I sent him an email the day after the seminar – I was in his office with my artist ‘Anisa’ one week later and she ended up in Phrased Differently studios writing songs with some of Hiten’s producers only a few days later! It was obviously a perfect match!

After 2 years collaborating intensively with Phrased Differently, Anisa signed her first ever publishing deal as a writer with them in December – something which she describes as a huge milestone in her music career. She just co-wrote the next single for Sweden’s platinum selling artist “Frans” and will shortly feature on some UK dance releases, after her vocals conquered the heart of numerous DJ/Producers that she met through Phrased Differently. More than just a brilliant A&R/publisher/writer, on a personal level,  Hiten Bharadia is the most amazing figure we’ve ever met in the music business and by far, our favourite one!

This Magical Meeting would have never happened without The Ultimate Seminar – We will be forever thankful for you helping us all to progress and make our own way to success in this complex but thrilling industry!

I am personally a huge fan of the “Ultimate Seminar” which is a priceless yearly experience for someone like me, planning to spend lifetime working in this music industry we love so much! We get insights and tips from the most influent executives and artists in the industry who are actually all there all day to share their experiences, stories and good vibes with us…I mean…what more could we dream of?! See you all on November 18th!!!