Cassie Rytz

Cre8ing vision/ultimate Seminar has helped me so much throughout my career

Cassie Rytz, a 17-year-old rapper/singer from Southwest London, Balham.  

Cassies uses a blend of grime, bashment and afroswing to create her sound. Other influences fall into the hands of listening to trap, drill, R&B and 90s songs, etc.


“Cre8ing Vision/ultimate Seminar has helped me so much throughout my career I remember just starting at soundskool last year in September and even though I had a passion for music at the end of the day I wanted to go there to be happy however meeting Kwame and him show me what he can do for me made me strongly believe that I have everything that I need in order to have as much faith for myself as possible that I can do what I’ve always wanted to do which is music. I don’t see myself doing anything else other than that and so far it’s been a year and a month since creative Vision taken me on and I must say it has changed my life in the best way! I see life a lot easier and more colourful, creative as my job is now music it doesn’t feel like a job because it’s my passion but you know what I mean. Open so many doors that I would never think in my life would be open for me and during the journey of the opportunities I’ve been getting through this I have proven to myself that I can push myself beyond limits I never thought I could before. They are taking me to places I’ve never been before. Remember 2 years ago from now I was in the worst place of my life but Somewhere In My Heart knew that life was not supposed to be this dark. And it seems like a blur but created vision has shown me that 2 years later and the graciousness of God!”