Recruitment Initiative

Experience is as important as knowledge and both are the very best way to keep going forward to achieve ambitious goals. Taking on young creatives who want to gain a deeper understanding of job roles within the Music Business, Cre8ing Vision has developed unemployment incentive that provides entry through a proactive work experience programme. virtual or physical.

Cre8ing Vision will place creatives who are seeking employment into the music industry within an organisation to gain access to hands on tangible work experience to help their professional development. The initiative will also allow organisations to source diverse employees who will go on to become future executive talent.

The objective is to leave the programme having developed new skill sets, added knowledge of the business, enhanced individual communication skills, network, learn to work as part of a team and cope in a new environment. By increasing their entrepreneurial understanding, and gaining a broader view of the industry they will be in a better position to strengthen their CV making them a stronger case for employment.